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Sparkyʼs Roadside Barbecue has been serving delicious barbecue since 2010. Chef-proprietors, Kevin Kehoe and Hans Seitz are Sparky and Sparky, two chefs who love great barbecue and good times. They have a simple philosophy, to make the best barbecue out of the best ingredients and ask you to you take time out of your day, sit back and enjoy it.

In 1987, Kevin and Hans met in Miami while working under Chef Michael Moran at a restaurant called Whoʼs in the Grove. This is where Sparky was born, a nickname that has endured through their twenty-plus year friendship. Both trained chefs, Kevin at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) and several signature restaurants in New York City, Hans at his fatherʼs landmark fine dining restaurant, The Arch Restaurant in Brewster, New York and the School of Hard Knocks, became interested (read fixated) in the method of cooking called barbecue one summer. They both started an academic study of barbecue (read obsessive preoccupation developing into the psychological disorder known as barbecue on the brain) which turned into Sparkyʼs Roadside Barbecue.

Today – Sparkyʼs Roadside Barbecue serves great barbecue without provenance other than Kevin and Hansʼ backyard. Tipping their hats to several American styles of regional barbecue they still hold true to their own original rubs and six different sauces. They believe that sauce should be an afterthought and that their barbecue is perfectly delicious straight out of the pit. They both ask that you take time out of your day, come down to the restaurant, sit back and enjoy a precious few moments eating great barbecue.