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You're ambitious. You're a barbecue enthusiast. You're passionate about the good life. You love Sparky's but don't live close enough or moved away all together.

You're not out of luck!

Now you can create all of Sparky's offerings plus more at home. It's easy. All's it takes is time, determination and a few items from Sparky's pantry. 

If we can do it, so can you! Now have at it.

Call (305) 377-2877 to place your pick-up order. Delivery across USA coming soon! 

Rubs and Spices

$12 (10 oz.)

Roast Rub 

Has more salt and is for thicker pieces of meat. Think... a brisket or a bigger thicker roast.

Rib Rub

Has less salt and is for ribs and thinner pieces of meat like chicken.

Sweet and Smokey

Our signature French Fry seasoning but is a great steak seasoning too.


$8 (8 oz.)

Traditional Barbecue Sauce

Tomato based and delicious.

Apple Cider Vinegar BBQ Sauce

Our tip of the hat to the Carolina's. Vinegar and mustard based delight that works great as a salad dressing too.

Lava Sauce

Spicy Habaneros, Jalapeños, Serrano, and Poblano Peppers with Citrus.

Magma Sauce

Smoked Habanero Peppers with Mango. This is a hot one. Not for the timid or weak.

Prepared Foods

Sparky's House-Made Bacon - $12/lb.

Made with Duroc Heritage Breed Pork

Sparky's House-Made Sausage - $9/lb.

Fresh Bratwurst, Andouille or Smoked Polish Style Sausage. Take it home for your next barbecue.

Sparky's Deli Meats - $9/lb.

All cured and smoked in house. Sliced thin or not at all, DIY!

Smoked Turkey Breast - $9/lb.

Pastrami - $22/lb.

Made with Prime Brisket

Roast Beef - $22/lb.

Made with Angus Beef

Sparky's Smoked Wet Brined Ham - $12/lb.

Warm & Serve

Prepared for you to warm it and claim "I did it myself!"

Half Brisket - $80 (priced per 4 - 4.5 lb.)

Prime Grade Brisket ready for you to warm up for your next get together. Claim you did it yourself. We won't tell. We cut it in half longwise so you get the point and the flat and don't have to order a whole brisket. We will cook you a whole Brisket but you have to ask in advance.

Sparky's Picnic Ham - $90

A wet brined ham that might be better than that other honey one that shall remain nameless. It's a picnic ham that averages about 9 pounds. If you want the whole ham (back leg) for a bigger occasion, please give us about two to three weeks advance notice and we will be happy to cure one up for you. Prices may vary though. Give us a call at 305-377-2877.

Beef Jerky Du Jour -
$7 / 3oz.
$19 / half pound
$36 / pound

made with Beef